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Welcome to 山烏!

A non-profit R&D organization focused on products to improve daily life.


What is 山烏 (pronounced "Yamagarasu")?

We are an organization with individuals that focus on the creation of open-source, non-profit products and software. Our products have an emphasis on improving lives. Not just the lives of healthy people - but also the lives of people with special needs.

All of our products will be released free-of-charge, so that anyone with access to the necessary equipment can easily download product data. For example, our physical products can be 3D printed and we will make an active effort to optimize them - both economically, as well as ecologically.

By default, our products will be licensed using an open model. We will allow derivative product designs. After all, we welcome contributions - as they can actively benefit the user(s). One important clause of our license involves commercial entities. Commercial entities are welcome to manufacture any of our products, but they will have to disclose production costs and cannot actively profit off the designs. Further information on this license will be released shortly.

We were established in September of 2020 in Karasuyama, Tokyo, Japan. As such, we are just getting started! Right now, our organization is run by a single person.

What kind of products does 山烏 make?

Our products will be categorized according to this list, with 'XXX' representing the product number:

Type Description
LA-XXXLifestyle accessories; e.g. card holders, clothing tools, phone cases.
MS-XXXMedical support products; e.g. pill organizers, protective gear.
DS-XXXDisablity support products; e.g. text reading tools (OCR), communication devices.
NP-XXXNovel products; any new inventions that advance our technology.
SL-XXXSoftware libraries for use in other (open-source) software.

This list is - of course - subject to change.

Where can I get 山烏 products?

Since we have just started this organization, none of our products have been released yet. Please keep an eye on this page for news until we start our newsletter service.

Can I contact 山烏 with ideas for products?

Of course! Just be aware that - aside from credit - we will take full ownership of the potential product. As such, this also means that we will endeavour to officially release it.

You may contact us here: